Introducing Blinkr: Your AI-Powered Dry Eye Relief Solution

Set It and Forget It: Just install Blinkr, and let it work its magic in the background, providing reminders only when you need them.

AI-powered blink reminder using your webcam

Dynamic reminders when you forget to blink

Trains your brain to blink more for long term improvements of dry eye

Relief Dry Eye

Receive slide-in reminders to blink, but only when necessary, minimizing unnecessary distractions.


No more dry eye from long work or gaming sessions

Humans normally blink about 15 times in one minute. However, studies show that we only blink about 5 to 7 times in a minute while using computers and other digital screen devices, leading to drying out of the eye. Blink helps to get your blink rate back to normal.

Set it and forget it: no work required

This is not a training app. You simply install the app, and it does the work for you.

How does it work?

Blinkr monitors your blinks using your webcam.

If it detects that too much time has passed since your last blink, Blinkr will show you a slide in notification on your desktop, so you consciously remember to blink. As soon as Blinkr detects your blink, the reminder goes away.

Overtime, your brain will start to blink more automatically, which will cause the reminders to show up only rarely.

A low blink rate is the main cause of dry eye symptoms, especially when working at the computer screen. Increasing your blink rate should make your eyes feel better fast.


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