About Blinkr

While there are plenty of things you can do to prevent computer eye strain, the main culprit is really tough to solve: blinking more often. It’s natural for your body to reduce its blink rate while focussing on the screen.

The low blink rate drys out the eye, which is a major contributor to computer vision syndrome. Sometimes you will find advice online to just blink more often. But that’s useless advice, as you can only control your blink rate as long as you focus on it. As soon as you concentrate back on your work, your blink rate will drop again.

blink reminder that shows for blinkr when running the app and no blink is detected for too long
this is the blink reminder that will slide into the side of your screen when you don’t blink for too long

That’s why I created Blinkr, an AI-powered blink reminder app. Blinkr uses your webcam to detect when you forget to blink. If the algorithm detects that too much time has passed without a blink, you will get a slide-in notification on your screen to remind you to blink. As soon as a blink is detected, the reminder goes away. That way, your brain gets rewired over time to blink more frequently, eleminating the root cause of computer vision syndrome.

To download Blinkr, click here.