Features & Benefits of Blinkr


  • Reduces eye strain and dry eyes caused by prolonged computer use
  • Helps maintain healthy blinking habits
  • Improves overall eye comfort during long work or gaming sessions
  • Easy to use and runs seamlessly in the background

What Blinkr Does

Blinkr is an AI-powered app that uses your computer’s webcam to monitor your blinking patterns while you work or play on the computer. When it detects that you haven’t blinked in a while, it provides a gentle reminder on your screen to blink, helping you maintain a healthy blink rate and prevent digital eye strain.

blink reminder that shows for blinkr when running the app and no blink is detected for too long
the reminder you will see on your screen when you forget to blink for a while

Blinkr monitors your blinks; you will only see a reminder when you really are not blinking.

How to Use Blinkr

  1. Download and install Blinkr on your computer
  2. Ensure your webcam is connected and functioning properly
  3. Launch the app and adjust your camera settings so that your face is centered in the frame
  4. Let Blinkr run in the background while you use your computer
  5. You will be reminded to blink when you forget to!

That’s it! Blinkr works quietly in the background, helping you take care of your eyes without interrupting your focus. Download Blinkr now and experience the benefits of healthier, more comfortable eyes during prolonged computer use.

blinkr logo small

Download Blinkr here.